Our Murano glass Bouquet are completely hand made and can fit to any room and style.

After sewing a wire mesh to a metal structure, we paint all. Then the structure is ready to “boom”


We sew a wire mesh to a metal structure that, once painted, is ready to "bloom" i.e. to be covered with many small Murano glass roses, blocked by lamp-worked glass studs.


Every glass rose is individually forged, as well as each stud. Our skill lies in the composition of the bouquet; find the right fit is not such an easy task, cause it’s a wise mix of technique, dexterity, patience and some secrets that we jealously guard.


We produce Bouquets in several shapes and sizes and – if asked to – we can make special projects on customer’s design or request. Roses and studs are available in several colors and you can choose to mix them all: this is another reason why every Bouquet is an unique piece, differing from all others.